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  • November: A Time of Champion Trout on the Bighorn River

    Frosty mornings give way to a river of fog banks that hover above the pristine trout waters of the Bighorn. The wondrous scene of ghostly fog highlighted by the vibrant fall colors is an energizing sight to awake to at Forrester’s Bighorn River Resort. Sitting high on the bluff above the river, the Lodge and private cabins are situated perfectly to capture it all. Fall brings a fun and exciting ...
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  • Waterfowl Madness: Legendary Cast & Blast on the Bighorn River

    The late fall early winter scenery on the Bighorn River is unlike any other in the world. The warm waters of the Bighorn River, combined with the cool air temperatures cause a mist that covers the trees and bushes with frost. It creates the perfect winter wonderland. It also creates the perfect waterfowl hunting and fishing scenario. The Bighorn River is a dam-released river that starts in Fort ...
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  • Forrester's Fly Bench and Waterfowl Watch 11/27/2017

    Fishing Report 11/27/2017. The Bighorn River is free of most of the floating grass. Which makes for easy decoy management and great fishing! River Data: River flow: 4,000 cfs Water Temp: 54 F Mountain Snow pack: On the rise but sticking there. Lake Inflow: 3400 cfs Lake Level: 98.8% full. Hot Flies: Nymphs: Sow Bugs and Scuds Method: 7.5 foot 4x or stronger leader to one 3o split shot. 1ft or so ...
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  • Forrester’s Fly Bench and Waterfowl Watch 10/30/2017

    Fishing Report The river is cooling down and the water is clearing up! The fall fishing on the Bighorn River has been fantastic! The cooler temperatures have started to push waterfowl our way and the upland bird hunting has been incredible! River Data: River flow: 5,000 cfs Water Temp: 54 F Mountain Snow pack: On the rise but sticking there. Lake Inflow: 5,400 cfs Lake Level: 98.8% full. Hot ...
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  • Fall Cast & Blast on the Bighorn River

    Cast & Blast on the Bighorn River Fall arrives in the Bighorn River Valley. The vibrant foliage colors are appearing. The bushes in the birdy draws start revealing their beautiful yellows, reds and oranges and explode with Pheasants, Sharp Tail Grouse and Partridge. The Brown Trout are stacking up in the deep holes below the spawning beds awaiting their once a year chance to reproduce. The ...
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  • Benefits of a Hunting Dog

    The sport of hunting is very popular in the United States. Hunters enjoy the fresh air, hushed silence of the outdoors, and the adrenaline ride of victory after taking down prey successfully. One way to increase the chances of hunting prey and a successful trip is by using a hunting dog. In cave paintings that date back thousands of years ago, dogs were documented as hunting companions prior to ...
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