Corporate Getaway

Corporate Getaways to Paradise

You need to re-charge, re-acquaint, re-interpret... Forrester’s Time.

When you book one of our corporate packages, your company of ten or more become guests in our world, aka Planet Bighorn, and things are quite different here. Undeniably, your team will thoroughly enjoy fishing, hunting, relaxing with your feet up, and taking in the majestic landscape, etc. Yes, those things help create Forrester’s Time, yet they’re not quite it. You also need truly impressive cuisine. You need humble and gracious service. It is these elements that move you from the day-to-day into the here and now of Forrester's Time. But there are also other facts to Forrester's that cohesively create Forrester’s Time—let’s see if we can put a finger on it.


Ever had a whole planet to yourself? Our corporate excursions give your team—and your clients if you so choose—the entire run of the place. No one else is booked during your time. The Bighorn River is plenty large, but you need extra room to truly live the experience. It’s the wide-open, free exploration that’s an intangible in Forrester’s Time.

The Service Experience

You’re here to tap into something deep within. That’s no time to be interrupted to call the front desk and ask for more towels. We provide a service experience aimed at taking any and all possible cares from you. Logistics like transportation and applicable licenses? Not your worry, dear friend. Once you enter your own private cabin, you’ll find hand-selected furnishings and amenities, all carefully orchestrated. We try to supply you with everything you need before you realize you’ll need it—we feel you’ll find our hospitality to be top-notch. Our fishing and hunting guides are meticulously hand-selected, just like all other components of your retreat. They are all passionate—hopefully not too much so—about fly fishing, hunting and outdoor recreation, and we let them get away with doing what they love all day, just as long as they never call it “work.”

Your Business Needs

We understand the balance struck by corporate stays. We provide a comfortable meeting space at the Lodge and there is wifi throughout the property for your team and clients to hook up whenever they need. You can do your company thing when convenient, and we’ll schedule your fishing and other excursions accordingly.


Your retreat experience at Planet Bighorn reaches an extraordinary level in the hands of our nationally- known executive chef Frank Kerstetter, who masterfully and passionately transforms seasonal ingredients into delectable, refined creations. Airy blueberry pancakes for breakfast, hearty grass-fed beef stew for lunch on that brisk fall day, to Maine lobster ravioli for dinner—any of these may make appearances on the table in our dining room at the Lodge. Our Menu is always being updated and adapted, although we maintain some staples such as the blueberry pancakes and coconut macaroons due to popular demand, but you can always expect something authentic, hand-crafted with classic French techniques informing regional American cuisine. Who knew the best dining in Big Sky Country was at the foot of the famous Bighorn River?


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