Fishing Updates in 2019

  • Forrester’s Fly Bench Fishing Report 4/22/2019

    River Data: River flow: 3300 cfs Water Temp: 36 F April showers bring Mayflowers and Mayflies! The Bighorn is all queued up for some incredible late spring and early summer fishing. So far the river remains at traditional Bighorn levels. The lake volume is low and the BOR is still releasing a little bit more water than what’s coming in. Snow pack in the mountains crept up a little bit these last ...
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    Spring is here and the weather and river conditions on the Bighorn could not be better. The water is crystal clear and the flows are still low and slow. Weather temperatures for the next week look to be peaking up around the mid 60’s with the occasional spring storm moving through. Blue Wing Olive Mayflies love the warm clear mornings and cloudy rainy afternoons. Something about this combination ...
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  • Spring 2019 Fishing Outlook: Incredible, Cold, Clear Spring Water Fishing!

    Fishing is incredible right now and we’re expecting it to stay that way well into the spring season if not the entire year. Snow levels in the mountains are low, which means the river shouldn’t experience high flows for a long period of time. Low water means cold water that trout thrive in. It will also prevent the lake from getting stirred up and flushing silt into the river, which would cloud up ...
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