Luxury Hunting & Fly Fishing Resort Offering The Best of Montana

Perched in the hills just above the Bighorn River, Forrester's Bighorn River Resort offers an incredible journey into the most breathtaking vistas and views that Bighorn has to offer.

At our deluxe Montana fly fishing and wingshooting lodge, be prepared to embark on unforgotten excursions into thousands of acres of countryside and private riverbanks.

These lands are teeming with fish and fowl alike, and our Orvis-endorsed guides are ready to show to you to our prime hunting and fly fishing areas.

Spend your days in the untamed Montana foothills and return to the lodge for a sumptuous dining experience.

Our chefs have studied at the finest institutions in:

  • Europe
  • The east and west coasts
  • And in the Caribbean

Contact us at (406) 333-1449 to learn more about our luxury hunting and fishing resort in Montana.

A One-Of-A-Kind Adventure

Since 1992, Forrester's Bighorn River Resort has been a getaway of unparalleled comfort and relaxation for the:

  • Huntsmen
  • Fly fishers
  • And outdoorsmen of all kinds

You would be hard pressed to find a resort that is more attentive and dedicated to guests.

Our grounds are strictly private and include some of the most gorgeous sections of the Bighorn River. We offer guided expeditions into the Cloud Peak Wilderness and Bighorn Lake area.

In addition, we have a license to outfit horseback, pack and hiking trips into our back country camp, Cloud Peak, which is nestled into a pristine part of the Bighorn National Forrest.

What makes Forrester's Bighorn River Resort the perfect vacation spot?

  • Our owners are Nick Forrester, a wildlife biologist, and Francine Forrester, an executive chef.
  • We're the only Orvis-endorsed lodge with owners that are active, involved and on-property every day.
  • Forrester's Bighorn River Resort is the only lodge with on-property access to the Bighorn River's prime fishing waters with only ¼ mile transit to the launch on the river.
  • We offer the widest variety of sporting services in the area, including guided fly fishing, guided upland bird, and guided water fowl hunting.
  • We provide additional wellness services to provide the best retreat or vacation time available.
  • With a view like no other in the Bighorn River area, from your private Forrester's Bighorn cabin, you'll look out onto the beautiful Bighorn River framed by our majestic Montana Mountains and foothills.

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