Fall Cast & Blast on the Bighorn River


Cast & Blast on the Bighorn River


Fall arrives in the Bighorn River Valley. The vibrant foliage colors are appearing. The bushes in the birdy draws start revealing their beautiful yellows, reds and oranges and explode with Pheasants, Sharp Tail Grouse and Partridge. The Brown Trout are stacking up in the deep holes below the spawning beds awaiting their once a year chance to reproduce. The Cottonwoods turn bright yellow and start losing their leaves. The wind gently howls through the branches and cool morning air gets the dogs excited for the fall hunting season. The Bighorn River Cast & Blast season is upon us!

The Bighorn River Valley is one of the most fertile valleys in Montana, boasting a huge number of wild naturally reproducing Upland Birds, such as Pheasants, Sharp Tail Grouse, Sage Grouse and Hunn Partridge. Cereal grains are planted on both sides of the river calling to upland birds of all kinds to make a living here. The upland bird hunting is incredible and the fishing is world class. The water from the dam releases at 45-50 degrees all winter making superb trout and duck conditions. This perfect bird hunting and fishing environment draws millions of ducks and keeps the trout eating all winter long.

The professional guide staff and their incredible bird dogs bring a new meaning to a “once and a lifetime” Cast & Blast, both on and off the water. Guides will take you on a world-class upland bird hunt followed by a day of fishing aggressive spawning brown trout, or a combination duck/pheasant hunt and fishing trip on the Bighorn River. It’s truly sportsmen’s choice at Forrester’s Bighorn River Resort.


Upland Bird Hunts

The day begins at the Lodge after a wonderful breakfast prepared by our breakfast chef. Guests meet their guides and receive instruction on what to bring to the field. If clients need ammo, guns or apparel, it is provided or available for purchase by the lodge. Lunch, dogs, gear and clients are loaded up and head out for the days hunt. Lunch is usually coordinated so everyone can eat together. An afternoon hunt is organized and guests fill their limits. Birds we hunt include Pheasants, Sage Grouse, Sharp Tail Grouse, Hunn partridge and Chukar Partridge.



Hunting may start early in the morning or mid morning. It all depends on the weather and what the ducks want to do and when they want to do it. Traditionally we try to be on the water about an hour before shooting light so we can get to a pre-built blind and setup decoys. Once limits are filled we fish our way to the ramp. Primarily, we hunt Mallards, Pintail, Teal, Widgeon, Gadwall, Blue bills, Wood, and Redheads. If guests need ammo, guns or apparel, it is provided or available for purchase from the lodge. If necessary guides will provide clients with a heater to stay warm.



Fall Fishing

The water temperature is cooling down for the year and the trout are feeding ravenously. Blue Wing Olives are emerging in force making for some epic dry fly fishing. Brown Trout are spawning and extremely aggressive, attacking streamers at will. Best of all there is practically nobody on the water. It’s by far our favorite time of the year to fish the river!

The resort tops off the incredible fishing and hunting day with well-appointed private cabins, delectable cuisine and a cozy lodge. The professional staff at the Forrester’s goes out of their way to make sure all of the client’s needs are met. Forrester’s Bighorn River Resort is truly a world-class Cast & Blast operation.



Happy Cast & Blast from Forrester’s Bighorn River Resort!