Fly Fishing on the Bighorn River in Montana

Fly fishing the Bighorn River is not the kind of river to befuddle all but the elite fishermen. It offers one of the largest concentrations of wild Browns and Rainbow trout in the west.

Not to say these fish don’t provide challenge, but alongside one of our Orvis-endorsed guides you are almost guaranteed a fair share of fly fishing photo ops. History suggests that you could bring in a trout between 18" and 22".

Entering Montana more than 150 miles downstream from its origin in Wyoming, it flows into Bighorn Lake, formed by the Yellowtail Dam. "The Horn," as anglers call it, is nationally recognized as one of the premier trout streams in the United States, and Forrester's Bighorn River Resort happens to have the best access to the finest Bighorn River fishing spots.

One of the completely unique offerings of Forrester's Bighorn River Resort and lodge is taking one of our high-country excursions to one of our remote outpost camps in the Cloud Peak Wilderness.

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Cloud Peak Wilderness

Our fly fishing lodge have a license to outfit horseback, pack and hiking trips into this pristine part of the Big Horn National Forrest in Montana.

During your journey up to the camp you will encounter tumbling freestone creeks, forests of limber pine and Douglas fir giving way to glacial bowls rising out of mirror-calm lakes.

One can choose from:

  • Day trips
  • Overnights
  • Multi-day expeditions

The surrounding streams and lakes are full of native brook trout, curious cutthroats and gorgeous golden trout. These fish see very little pressure and it is not a rare occurrence to have a 50-fish day, all on terrestrials!

Additionally, our fly fishing resort and lodge in Montana offers a combination trip between the Bighorn River and Cloud Peak Wilderness where you can spend two days fly fishing on the Bighorn River for tail-water browns and rainbows, then jump on horseback and pack into the mountains for an entirely different remote, Montana-style fishing experience.

While our lodge offer a variety of packages that include a combination of wingshooting and fly fishing, the Cast and Blast on the Bighorn River is an altogether unique experience.

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Cast & Blast

Getting Started

With concentration on the waterfowl that is abundant on the Bighorn River, the typical "Cast and Blast" starts by getting out on the river and either "jump shooting" ducks and geese, or if the birds are really moving, setting up with decoys is another favorite.

If you are hunting & fishing in Montana, The Bighorn River offers plenty of opportunity for several species of waterfowl headed from Canada on their southern migration.

Perfectly positioning the drift boat for jump shooting is key, as behind every bend and nook on the Bighorn River lends itself for some very exciting waterfowl hunting action.

Mid-Day Fishing

By midday the sun is high, and the focus changes from shotgun to fly rod. This time of year lends itself to some amazing fishing. The autumn brown trout are starting to stage up for the late fall spawn on the Bighorn River and are eager for a fight in Montana.

Late Afternoon Hunt

As the sun begins to wane, the ducks start to return back to the Bighorn River to roost. This is the time to change back to the shotgun again and start the late afternoon hunt.

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  • The Bighorn River: An Angler's Paradise, Within Reach
    With one of the largest concentrations of wild Browns and Rainbow trout in the west, the Bighorn River is not the kind of river to baffle all but the elite fishermen. Not to say these fish do not provide challenge, but alongside one of our Orvis-endorsed guides you are almost guaranteed a fair share of fly fishing photo ops.
  • The Bighorn Valley: Perfectly Suited For Epic Hunts
    The drive into Forrester's Bighorn River Resort can set the mind racing. Every fold in the landscape looks to be perfectly suited for Montana bird hunting. And in this case, you will be pleased to discover, looks are not deceiving.

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