Hunting in the Bighorn Valley

The drive into Forrester’s Bighorn River Resort can set the mind racing. Every fold in the landscape looks to be perfectly suited for Montana bird hunting. And in this case, you will be pleased to discover, looks are not deceiving.

Thousands of acres of wheat fields, grasslands and coulees are reserved for the exclusive access of the guests of Forrester’s Bighorn River Resort.

This is prime Montana wingshooting land designed for:

  1. Ringneck Pheasant hunting
  2. Hungarian Partridge hunting
  3. And Sharptail Grouse hunting

If you are Hunting & Fishing in Montana, Forrester’s Bighorn River Resort you’ll find unmatched opportunities to enjoy bird hunting in Montana, which is fast becoming one of the most popular of all sporting pursuits.

The irresistible combination of:

  1. Working alongside a trained gundog
  2. Participation in conservation programs
  3. And scouting upland bird habitats all add to the excitement as preparation for a day in the field are made

We encourage you to contact us at (406) 333-1449 prior to your visit with any questions you may have regarding gear. Our experienced wingshooting guides have been hunting in Montana for years and are ready to share their advice and tips.

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