How far is the lodge from the Billings International Airport?

We’re about a 90-minute drive from the airport and directly on the prime fishing waters of the Bighorn River. Other lodges may be closer to the airport, but we’ve found that guests put more value on being closer to the prime fishing waters.

How far is your lodge from prime fishing on the Bighorn River?

Forrester's Bighorn River Resort is the only lodge with on-property access to the Bighorn River’s prime fishing waters. Here, instead of driving 55 minutes or more to and from the fish, our guests can step out of their private cabins, walk to the river and spend time doing more of what you’ve come here to do – catch big fish!

How far is the lodge from Afterbay Dam where float trips begin?

Forrester’s Bighorn River Resort is just ¼ mile from the dam – 3 minutes from front door to put-in. Other Montana lodges are a 55-minute or longer drive to the dam and river put-in.

Will your owners be there every day to make sure guests have a great stay?

We are the only Orvis-endorsed lodge with owners that are active, involved and on-property every day. Our owners are Nick Forrester, a wildlife biologist, and Francine Forrester, an executive chef. Both Nick and Francine are here, working hard every day to make sure you have the experience of a lifetime.

What Orvis endorsements does your lodge have?

Forrester’s Bighorn River Resort is the 2010 Orvis-endorsed Fly Fishing Lodge of the Year and the first lodge to receive Orvis’ Top Five Distinctive Endorsements for Fly Fishing Lodge, Fly Fishing Expedition, Wingshooting Lodge, Wingshooting Guide and Endorsed Outfitter. At our Montana resort, you’ll find the sophistication and consistency expected of a world-class sporting lodge, plus a home-away-from-home atmosphere created by owners, Nick and Francine Forrester.

Do you offer private cabin accommodations?

Yes. Forrester's Bighorn is the only Orvis-endorsed resort to offer our guests private, fully appointed log cabins with private, in-room telephones and complimentary wireless internet service – just in case you want to connect with the “real world.”

What's the view like from your private cabins?

Like no other in the Bighorn River area. From your private Forrester’s Bighorn cabin, you’ll look out into the beautiful Bighorn river framed by our majestic Montana mountains.

What kind of cuisine should I expect? And, what kind of training and experience do your chefs have?

Again, Forrester's Bighorn is unique. We are the Only Bighorn River resort to offer afour-star dining experience at every meal. Our chefs have been trained in Europe, the Caribbean, and North America. They have more than 60 years of combined experience in creating, preparing and serving four-star gourmet feasts.

What type of areas do you offer for upland bird hunting?

Our upland bird hunting property covers thousands of Montana's acres that are spread over four distinct regions that hold huge numbers of pheasant, partridge and grouse. Our exclusive Cast & Blast event, offered each September through December, features a unique Bighorn fly-fishing and upland bird hunt experience in the same day.

How can I be sure Forrester's Bighorn River Resort is my best choice?

Compare our answers with those you get from other Montana lodges. When you do, you'll understand why more guests prefer to visit Forrester's Bighorn River Resort, where Montana keeps her promises.


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