Benefits of a Hunting Dog


The sport of hunting is very popular in the United States. Hunters enjoy the fresh air, hushed silence of the outdoors, and the adrenaline ride of victory after taking down prey successfully. One way to increase the chances of hunting prey and a successful trip is by using a hunting dog.

In cave paintings that date back thousands of years ago, dogs were documented as hunting companions prior to the invention of guns. Ultimately, dogs were bred for various reasons in hunting, resulting in evolution of pointers, setters, and retrievers. Today, these intelligent and diligent canines are trained and sold to hunters who want the best hunting experience.

The following are the advantages of having a hunting dog:

  • Pointing and retrieving. Owning a hunting dog which has been trained to be a pointer and/or a retriever can make hunting more effective and a little easier. More time can be spent hunting game, as opposed to tracking the ones you’ve shot down or even picking them up. With the dog doing all of the grunt work, hunting will never be this fun without one.
  • Traverse an expanded terrain. Have you ever hunted in a terrain that might be too rugged or too difficult to find your prey in? With the help of a hunting dog, you essentially expand your hunting capabilities by using the canine’s heightened senses to track down game.
  • Sniffing tracks. When a hunting dog is sniffing out tracks for you, you chances of a successful hunting trip are increased. No animal will be too difficult to locate with a canine companion on your side.
  • Having companionship. While you may enjoy a hunting outing with your friends, there are times when you may just want to enjoy the serene silence of the outdoors. Nothing compares to the quiet companionship of a dog who understands your every command and can make hunting quite an adventure.

At Forrester’s Bighorn River Resort, we are capable of equipping our visitors interested in hunting with dogs to make their hunting experience a guaranteed success. If you are interesting in hunting at our beautiful resort in Montana, contact us today.