Fly Fishing Guide: Choosing Flies


At Forrester’s Bighorn River Resort, we are proud to offer one of the best fly-fishing experiences for avid fly fishermen. Whether you’re new to the sport or a seasoned fly fisher, researching new techniques can help you improve your skills. Continue reading to learn three quick tips on choosing flies for fly-fishing the Bighorn.

Fly Color and Size

When choosing flies size can matter. Choosing the right size fly and pattern can make or break your day. When looking for size check the water, under rocks, or moss is a good place to start. Try to match the size of your fly to the real thing. Another tip to remember is that the color we see above the water is not the color that fish see. The water can act as a color filter changing what the fish see.

Imitate Behavior

Even with a beautifully crafted imitation, in order to attract the brown or rainbow trout, you have to imitate the behavior of the creature the fly imitates. There is a true art to getting the right drag free drift. Thinking of your rod tip as a paint brush and painting a tall rainbow with your rod tip can help get your drift looking right to fish. Remember that they know what their food is supposed to look like and will turn down and wait for the real thing if something seems off.

Weight and Depth

One of the most important things we can do is get the proper weight and depth. That is measured from your strike indicator to your weight. Getting the weight and depth right puts our flies in the fish’s sight zone. The river flow is one of the main factors we want to look at as we set up in the morning.

Ask Our Guides

When you choose one of our five fishing packages, you get the experience of having our Orvis-endorsed guides help you with any questions or guidance needed while out on the river. Our packages include rod, flies, reel and waders. Are you ready to experience the majesty of the Montana wilderness? Call (406) 333-1449 to book your stay today.