Duck Decoy Tips

Alluring waterfowl spreads for fall

With the fall waterfowl hunting season approaching, avid waterfowlers are finding they have to step up their hunting game to separate themselves from the competition. Ducks and other waterfowl are getting smart to some of the tried and true decoy tricks and set ups. The experts at our Bighorn River hunting resort have created this list of duck decoy tips to help you consistently hit your target.

1. Get Realistic Decoys

Experts agree that the more realistic your decoy spread, the better chances you have of attracting waterfowl. There are many extremely realistic plastic decoys on the market today with detailed plumage and markings of both ducks and geese. Flocked decoys will look even more natural to the ducks, especially on cloudy days, as the fully flocked decoys do not glare or shine in the sunlight.

2. Keep ‘Em Moving

Another tip from our Bighorn River hunting resort experts is to keep the decoy spread moving. You can have a great spread, but by introducing natural looking movement into your spread, you breathe life into it, which will attract even the most stubborn and difficult of birds. There are a few techniques out there that work well for adding movement including, jerk strings, motion stakes, quiver magnets, and spinners. We’ve heard both pros and cons regarding the above techniques, the goal is to choose a technique that works best for you and master it.

3. Match Decoy to Duck

Mallards are one of easiest and cheapest decoys to find, which is why most hunters use them exclusively. But arguably, mallards are not the most common species of duck so an entire spread of mallards will look odd to the ducks you’re hunting. If you’re hunting pintails, use pintail decoys. If you’re hunting teals early in the season, use teal decoys in your spread.

More often than not less is more. Many times we over complicate our spreads. Many times less is more. Find areas that game want to land in with the sun at your back and get the wind right. Blowing on your call too much will flair any fowl that is thinking about coming in.

At Forrester’s Bighorn River Resort, we aim to provide our guests with the best experience while on their hunting trips which is why we employ Orvis endorsed hunting guides with years of bird hunting and fly-fishing experience. Our Montana hunting resort offers a unique waterfowl and Montana fly fishing experience for our guests interested in hunting on the Bighorn.

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