From the center of the boat fishing report 5/18/2017


From the center of the boat fishing report 5/18/2017

This blog is based on a guides perspective on fishing and life. It will also give a reader some perspective on a typical trip with a fishing guide almost anywhere.

Client Question: “What’s your last on Donald Trump”

Guide Response: “Who!? What!? I didn’t say cast at the stump. I said cast behind it in the slow water, and give it an upstream mend.”

Client Question: “What do you think about Comey”

Guide Response: “What!? Shout out to my homie!? No cell phones on the river bud, lets concentrate on that cast of yours and catch one.”

Politics mean next to nothing to a fishing guide on a guide day. A true fishing guide wants you to have as much fun as possible on the water. This means not thinking about anything else but what the guide tells you to do is CRUCIAL to your ultimate success.

A lot of times in in high water the proper fishing method is to make the perfect cast to a slack water location on the bank and give your flies the best drift possible. For beginner fly fisherman this can be tough, but remember the guide will always tell you what and how to do it to get it done.

Come on guys! It’s the Bighorn River and whether the water is high or not the Bighorn River boasts more than 7000 trout per mile. Just because the water is high doesn’t mean the fish aren’t there. You just have to fish a little different to catch em’!

The Fishing Report 5/19/2017

River Data:

River flow: 13,000 cfs

Water Temp: 51.1 F

Mountain Snow pack: 131% of average and rising

Hot Flies:

Nymphs: Sow bugs, worms, baetis nymphs

Method: 8 foot 3x or stronger leader to one 3o split shot and a bb. 1ft or so to the first fly. 1ft or so to the second fly.

Size 14-18 Grey Ray Charles

Size 14-18 Pink Soft Hackle both with or without a pink bead.

Size 4-6 Steel worm. Red, orange, purple

Size 8-10 Chenille Worm

Size 16-18 Zebra Midge

Size 16-18 Baetis nymphs. Wonder nymph, black baetis, juju baetis

Size anything white streamers dead drifted.

Dry Flies: Blue Wing Olive Mayflies and midges

Method: 9 foot 5x leader to the top fly. 1ft or so leader to the second fly.

Size 16-18 Cripple Thor

Size 16-18 Snowshoe Baetis

Size 16-18 CDC Student

Size 16-18 Midge clusters

Size 16-18 Baetis spinners

Streamers: Little shiner minnows

Method: 4-6 foot ox or stronger leader to a single small white streamer.

Small White Shiner imitations

Thanks for reading and until next time enjoy our wild Bighorn!

Nick Chiasson reporting for Forrester’s Bighorn River Resort