Brown Trout of the Bighorn River

The brown trout was introduced to North America in 1883 but originated in Europe and western Asia. It was introduced to Montana in 1889 and is now found throughout most of the state. They swim throughout the wild rivers of Montana.

They prefer larger, low gradient streams, where temperatures range from 55 to 65 degrees in the summer months, but they also do well in many reservoirs. Unlike rainbow or cutthroat trout, brown trout are considered more predaceous and often feed at night on smaller fish, crayfish, and other invertebrates.

One of the indicating traits of a brown trout is the spots with halos on the gill covers. Besides that, these trout may lack red and orange spots and their black spots are described as irregularly rounded or shaped.

Spawning season for brown trout is in the fall. Like native trout, brown trout spawn in gravel beds. They have been known to move upstream some distance or into a tributary to spawn. The usual size for these trout is 12-20 inches, but large fish are not uncommon, and the state record is 29 pounds.

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