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When the stress and hustle of daily life becomes overwhelming and you feel tired of it all, what better way to recharge than by getting away and enjoying the peaceful, relaxing qualities of nature? Leave the big cities and your normal responsibilities behind and head to the beautiful acres of big sky country in Fort Smith, Montana! When it comes to rest and relaxation along the Bighorn River, nobody does vacations quite like Forrester’s Bighorn River Resort.

Forrester’s provides a great variety of vacation packages for all types of people who enjoy the great outdoors. Our picturesque views are second to none, and can be enjoyed from the decks of each of our state-of-the-art wilderness accommodations. Our private cabins all feature a number of exceptional amenities to help you relax and enjoy your vacation in complete comfort. Our lodge is one of the premiere fishing and hunting lodges in the country, earning a prestigious Orvis endorsement. And our charming dining room provides three delicious meals prepared by our master chef Frank Kerstetter and served by a staff that treats you like royalty.

Want to escape to the wilderness and relax? Book your trip to Forrester’s Bighorn River Resort today! Call us at (406) 333-1449 to get more information about our great packages.

Bighorn River Experiences

While Forrester’s is known for our world-class hunting and fishing expeditions, we recognize that these aren’t necessarily everybody’s cup of tea. Should you enjoy nature, we offer a number of great activities and experiences you can partake in.

We offer the following activities for resort guests:

  • Bighorn Lake pontoon floats: Head out onto the nearby lake for a full-day float or an evening trip to watch the sun set behind the picturesque Montana Mountains.
  • Nature trails: Enjoy hiking? Forrester’s Bighorn River Resort is located near numerous hiking and running trails for you to explore! Ask our staff for directions and you can enjoy the peace and quiet of nature on one of the paths around the area.
  • Parks & Museums: Little Bighorn Battlefield and Plenty Coups State Park are within a short travel distance offering a deep history lessons. Take in sights and accounts of the U.S. Cavalry, the Indian Wars, the Bozeman Trail, the explorations of Lewis and Clark, and much more!
  • Massage services: Looking to unwind? Ask our staff about booking our licensed massage therapist. (Please book prior to your arrival)

Forrester’s Bighorn River resort offers many ways for you to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature in a peaceful and deeply relaxing setting. Whether you’re looking to get a weekend away or a week-long escape to the big skies of Montana, our friendly, helpful staff want to make your vacation one you’ll never forget.

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