Fishing Report 5/17/2016


Fishing has been very good this past week and will improve with stable water flows. The Bighorn rose from 2700 cubic feet per second (CFS) to 4490 CFS in the last week. Good news for the fish and fishermen! More habitat makes happy fish. The increase in water has also cleaned up some of the floating moss throughout the water column and is also breaking free baetis nymphs, sow bugs and aquatic worms. Nymphing is still very good and dry fly fishing has become more consistent with blue wing olive hatches coming off throughout the river. Look for rising fish along the banks and in smooth water. Water is clear so go light on your leader and tippet set-up. Try 4X fluorocarbon tippet for nymphing and 5X for dry fly fishing.

With the higher water please use caution when wade fishing. The river is still very wade friendly but fishing from a boat may be safer and more productive.

Have fun and see you on the water!